Customized, art, commercialization is integrated into one. Professional design and production of fiberglass sculpture.

Fibreglass sculpture not only has a good expression for art, but also is very suitable as a carrier of art. It becomes a good creative partner for artists and its cheap cost is widely welcomed by people. The following is a brief talk about the advantages and characteristics of Fibreglass sculpture.

Advantages of fiberglass sculpture-

1, FRP modern sculpture is a lot of more phyletic: fiberglass reinforced plastic cartoon FRP sculpture sculpture and so on glass fiber reinforced plastic animal sculpture sculpture is a new kind of sculpture handicraft has a very elegant, not only the appearance of the rainbow and, at the same time, has the very high appreciation value but also has very strong plasticity can perfect the creation inspiration of the artist a leakproof expressed good creative space.

The quality of FRP sculpture is lighter than stone sculpture and copper sculpture. Therefore, it is easy to transport and the production cost of FRP sculpture is relatively low due to its corrosion resistance.

Features of fiberglass sculptures –

Modern sculpture (fiberglass) forming factors have, raw materials, process, drawings and so on. Fiberglass sculpture in before the production will have to make the sculpture made in detail with clay material (that is the clay mold). Make gypsum mold in outside after the clay mold. Then, brush the fiberglass inside of the outer die.Open the outer die after drying. Polished, blow-putty and plant the surface of the fiberglass sculpture. Finished the fiberglass sculpture. Summary features:

1. We can be as needed. Flexible create design of a variety of structures of art decorative products. To meet users’ different artistic expectations.

2. Materials can be fully selected to meet the performance of the product. For example, the design can be corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant products, or other high strength, good dielectric properties and other requirements.

3, the process is simple, can be formed once. The economic effect is outstanding.Especially for the complex shape, not easy to shape a small number of products. More prominent its technological superiority.

Sculpture mickey mouse
Geometric resin lion statue
Bulldog statue
Famous art sculpture

These are the advantages and characteristics of fiberglass sculpture. I hope this will help you understand the fiberglass sculpture. Also, a reminder. In the use of fiberglass art sculpture. Pay attention to the maintenance of FRP sculptures. Only in this way can the life of fiberglass sculpture be longer.