Customized, art,, commercialization is integrated into one. Professional design and production of fiberglass sculpture.


As a part of Aongking, exists for people who easy found a custom made fiberglass sculpture. You’re not just a customer to us. You’re a member of a close-knit, loving, decor of art ecological. And, your freely to express idea of yourself, by using your artistic feeling and ideas to stand out in a decorative sea of sameness for yourself.

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We offer true classical fiberglass statues, in relatively ( bronze ) low cost and showed of the same detail. Our fiberglass art sculptures are for everybody that like art and every artist who wants to custom made his artwork.Our finished sculptrues available in a diverse size range, from tabletop fiberglass lion statue to life size fiberglass gorilla, including variety of styles. You can chat with us for complimentary details and consultations.

Influence Value Of Fiberglass Sculpture-

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Aongking is a one-stop custom shop for all kings of styles ranging from fiberglass mosaic abstract art sculptures to pop art decor fiberglass sculptrues. We pay attention to every detail, because we believe that thoughtfully finished every details should stand the test of time. And, your next visit. We pay homage to iconic fiberglass sculptrues and artists of every era. Especially with great man who always finds artistic weathervanes. We believe that gallery’s 5, 000 different styles have been completed or are being updating can find or customize one sculpture that fits you.

fiberglass statue of Hamburg boy
Boxing man fiberglass sculpture
3-Cartoon Style Sculpture

So, are you ready to stun every visitor with our sculpture in your main garden or decorated corner. Attract more customers in your snack bar will for you…Stand out in a sea of sameness with your art pieces with us.